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Journal Submission

Please, e-mail David Alexander at

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Journal inclusion in MedJol is subject to verification, review and approval by its editors. Since January 2013, MedJol only lists peer-reviewed journals with ISSN/eISSN, whose websites give visitors clear, and easy to find, information on the:

a) editor/chief editor, including institutional affiliation, position, and contact details (email and phone number),

b) editorial/review board members, including institutional affiliations and positions,

c) peer-review process,

d) licensing policy, and

e) publication and author fees.

In addition, MedJol's editors may request further information from the journals' publisher/editors during the reviewing process.

MedJol reserves the right to reject or cancel journal indexing for any reason, at any time without notice.

Privacy Agreement

Providing the information requested for contacting MedJol is voluntary, but if not provided, we will be unable to respond to your queries or assess your journal worthiness.

We do not disclose or share your information with third parties.

Please, read MJL's Privacy Policy.

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